“Final Fantasy 14” The latest version update! Enhanced Boss debut!

November 26th, 2015
by admin

SE’s popular online game “Final Fantasy 14 (Final Fantasy 14)” new version “green paradise” has been the focus of attention of fans, but today, this updated version 3.05 for the usher, including the final part of the enhanced version of the final Boss and so joined, take a look at what changes have it.

Including Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics (a weekly Dungeon obtained through currency); red note artisans and collectors; barbarous Alexander, enhanced version of the final boss.

About PVP, update added a new PvP maps and reward, and remove the top PvP rewards it attacks restrictions. Highest PvP ranking also increased to 50.

In addition, the update also added a new build drawings, story missions, and so on.

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Barcelona – Rome: red and blue 18 goals in five games vitality reproduction terror

November 26th, 2015
by admin

Battle with the Italians produced a lot of amazing data.
Barcelona madness continues. Battle against Rome, they locked the victory over first place in Group E position.
Barcelona scored 18 goals in the last five games, which shows the team is currently in the track.
Dzeko at the last moment for the Roman scored a goal, which is Barcelona against Ewald battle since the first time since the ball, with a total time of about 621 minutes.
Busquets completed on behalf of Barcelona’s 350th appearance. He only played 45 minutes, but enough for him to complete 67 passes, the success rate of 96%. In addition he has seven steals.
This is the ninth consecutive Barcelona in order to top the group qualify for the Champions League last 16, but also since the 17th time since the start of the new competition system.
Suarez’s status is still hot. Uruguayan scored twice to make his season debut in the Champions League five harvesting five goals, and Lewandowski, C Ronaldo, long bar and Muller a ranked top scorer.
Macy return the starting lineup is the best news. He scored two goals, including leading the team to complete a pass about 27 times in a row within a minute, the final completion of goals, this goal is a bit like the national derby that in mind, almost all the players touch the ball.

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“Final Fantasy 14” landing Korean agents threatened to do the first South Korean MMO

November 26th, 2015
by admin

“Final Fantasy 14 (Final Fantasy 14)” will visit South Korea, the proxy of the game is “Dragon Valley” developer EYEDENTITY company president, said the agents threatened:. “To do the first South Korean MMO”

Apparently the “Final Fantasy 14” After landing Korea, can not help but pick “ground gas,” inherited the Korean people has always been lofty, one must first call up to do the first one, and irrespective of the actual situation, but this species confident spirit is worth learning.

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Roberto ankle sprain return time remains to be seen

November 26th, 2015
by admin

This Ming Basa midfielder was injured in the battle against Rome square Quayle.
Barcelona midfielder Roberto battle against Roma after a collision with a sprained right ankle square Quayle, then the doctor will observe his injuries to decide whether to let him participate in the competition.
He starts the game, but the first 64 minutes will be replaced Adriano.

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Blade soul 1250 achievement novice speed brush Raiders process skills to share

November 24th, 2015
by admin

Play Conjurer and open new number, more and more friends, and do full 1250 achievement points can be redeemed at the merchant River in the city of achievement to all kinds of fashion, music today acridine tooth brush to give us speed achievement of 1250 in detail guidelines.

Sword of Hope 1250 achievement novice speed brush Raiders process skills to share
First, open back achievement

1, warehouse (fashion) fashion warehouse now we can put all kinds of debris such as materials and medicine, etc. to expand to 10 rows (30 points)

1, the role of the backpack to expand to line 9 (30 points)

2. Warehouse (general) to expand to line 5 (10:00)

Note: The achievement of priority expansion (old fashion warehouse) Bag by Shenlong industrial and commercial expansion of income to count, with the Blue Diamond Member

High cost!

Another: Recommended packs 688 bound for the Mall and circulation as a one day (Day package which can be opened out of five silver)

Second, the title to find stimulation (fish Square all clear once daily)

1. Click on the right side of the Raiders, complete “find stimulating achievement” (10:00)

2. Place fish daily all clear (four daily) is cleared once unlock achievements (10:00)

Note: The reason why these two achievements are put together because of their complete site together

Third, the contest Achievement

1, completed 10 individual contest daily (10 days) (10:00)

2, the individual gold group 1600 (10:00)

3, 100 individual contest wins (20 points)

Fourth, the identification of Rakshasa followers

1, madman heritage (complete crematorium gang one thousand souls demon daily)

2, sewage purification hole (complete desert hole aggregate daily)

3, Ghost Resurrection (complete elusive Wan demon soul daily)

Five Cheats wasp

1, wasp 5000 contest Exchange supreme Beanstalk Beanstalk (10:00)

2, wasp up the knife (10:00)

Sixth, use class

1, used 100 times a recovery agent (mobs drop) (10:00)

2, die Xiaoqiang (using 1 turn nine resurrection symbol) (10:00)

3, various types of state contest drug (cents beans to buy or contest day out of the box) Use 1 bottle (10:00)

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Blade soul lava stone / purgatory Lava how to get cards to obtain analytical limit Happening gossip

November 24th, 2015
by admin

September 19 Nichinan heaven update, add a new gossip. Summarize what is the common property of garbage Happening gossip, gossip Happening limit property a little abnormal, especially for raw soul, because it is the testing service, so specifically to see how to change ch.

Gossip is the new copy of the source, basically every time the Happening gossip box. (For now, because as long as the raw soul beat, new gossip property is not very good, I did not dare utter burst rate.)

Purgatory is playing a new copy of lava out, once 1-2

Lava stone is an exploded fight this gossip to get out of the Happening, a gossip decomposition in three.

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Hello world!

November 20th, 2015
by admin

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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